Autumn concertina book

Autumn concertina book

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Embroidered Skomer sketchbook page finished!

 At last the whole piece is finished. I have been working on the left side this week.
I put in some more sea chamomile and the puffin head,top left, that balances the bottom right work. The piece measures 40x30cms. Whew! Summer is definitely over then. Bring on the Autumn colour! Now I can start work on my next project.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Skomer- puffins- continued.

 The little book cover finished! So now I am working on the picture that I left half done last year. There were other dead lines to keep and I like this so much it takes courage to work on it further. Still I am determined to finish it. This is the right hand side.

 Details of the puffin in the grasses. Working on the left hand side today.
And the Autumn colours developing in the garden. This is my studio view. ( well yesterday in the sunshine!) I am so lucky.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Concertina book on Skomer.

 The front cover puffin is stitched and the pages finished on one side.

I am reliving this holiday and it is very sunny at the moment which helps because we had a really lovely day when we went to Skomer.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Back to the puffins!

 It was a whole year ago that I started work on a concertina sketchbook and a piece of work about our trip to Skomer. So I am determined to finish it! Below are the covers of the little book.

This was the initial sketchbook page. I have been revisiting our lovely photos of the day. Started stitching the puffin head. You have to be happy with a puffin on your worktable! Follow the labels if you want to see the work I did last year. Still quite a bit to finish.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

A little rook business.

A  couple more small pieces finished this week- this rook (seen at Slimbridge WWT poking amongst stones for insects)
 and a very colourful applique patch with kantha stitching.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Mending the sky- finished!

 At last I finished it and got it into the post to Australia for Mo to join the great gathering.
On the back I stitched its title and 'love is the answer'. My sky is full of birds as I wish our skies could truly be, full of diverse species in large numbers.
Back from holiday, I am on a mission this week to finish a few older pieces so I can start my new theme with a clear pin board!

Monday, 1 October 2018

Holiday in St Ives.

 Just got back from our wonderful holiday in St Ives. Our holiday house was just a few minutes away from the harbour.
 We had rough weather for the first two days
 and then it turned sunny.
Luke, Rowan and me on the beach- Alan took the picture.

 We went to the Tate to see the Patrick Heron exhibition
 and to St Just to see Kurt Jackson's paintings.
Always lovely to spend time in Barbara Hepworth's studio and garden.
 The Cornish walls are gloriously clad in lichen and thrift.
 The sky was blue and so was the sea.
Coming in or going out, the sea is always interesting and there is always something to gaze at. Big sigh! Wonderful holiday - content to come home and see Autumn has arrived.

Friday, 21 September 2018

Hedges and Edges detail and a new piece begun.

 Some close up detail as promised of Hedges and Edges to show the 3d detail in the stitching. I have begun a new piece- foggy and autumnal- see below. Will be away for a bit now. Going to the seaside.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Hedges and edges.

I started this piece in March and have just finished it. It is called Hedge and Edges and is about the fields and green lanes near here. An aerial view, or bird's eye view of the layout of the fields. The hedges are bare but beginning to green up. The trees seen from above came from some rubber tree stamps my husband rescued from his office when the landscape designers went digital. I have used them before ( the winter quilt has a large one in the centre.) It is a winter turning into Spring piece and the trees and hedges are twiggy and quite 3d -will take some more photos to try and show that. It is all hand stitched on linen and stretched on a frame to keep the fabric taut. I love these lanes and fields, they are imprinted on my minds eye. The red running stitch is the footpath.

Friday, 14 September 2018

New work to see at the Guild at 51.

These 2 pictures are going to the Guild at 51 this morning along with some portfolio work. Jo in the gallery will have lots to sort out after the amazing exhibition at Rodmarton Manor. ( the Sparrow is a small picture but the photos make it large against Sedimentary Layers). Labels below if you want to see the stories behind the work.

These 3 are the unframed pieces -their label is diary story.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

After all the excitement of the exhibition.

 I sold 6 pictures and a concertina Sketchbook at the exhibition so I have put their labels on this post so hopefully if you bought a piece you can track its story on the blog. This isn't always possible as I have only recently started to document all my work. That is my intention for all future work.
 A quiet corner of the studio with my new square sketchbook purchased over the weekend, made by Ursula Jeakins and my new 'Swallows' painted glass piece by Annie Rie. Life getting back to normal after all the excitement! Managed a walk to take in the Autumnal countryside.

Monday, 10 September 2018

What an amazing exhibition!

Phew! What an amazing week! We were overwhelmed by the number of visitors at Crafts Alive at Rodmarton Manor. I ache all over and shall sleep most of the week. If you follow this blog you know I am a tired-all-the-time person because of the M.E. I had in my forties. So my husband and my dear friend Rosemary supported and covered my stewarding when I needed a break. I popped home for a nap when I was there all day. Only being 15 mins away I could do that.
 The Glos Guild members and organisers worked their socks off to achieve this amazing event and thanks to them we had aprox 700 visitors per day. Less Thurs more Sun. Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures inside the house because they don't allow it. So here are the wonderful gardens and some of the sculpture trail.
 This little bronze owl was probably my favourite but the deer were also wonderful.See previous blog post. (Made by Caroline Bartlett)
 Dahlias in the walled kitchen garden.
 A little back door behind which I had my demonstration table.
 Peek out from one of those windows. Alice in Wonderland gaze.
My table set up yesterday to show visitors how the work starts - in my sketchbooks- and evolves, samples to handle and a piece in progress.
It was so busy yesterday! Over the week I talked to hundreds of visitors - what a lovely lot of appreciative people you were too. I was thoroughly overwhelmed by the kind comments, fans and long term followers of my work. Thank you all so much. I sold 6 framed pictures and the little Autumn sketchbook, 105 photocards ( could have sold many more but didn't have the stock) and 12 handmade cards. All the work I made for the exhibition-that-didn't-happen at Newark Park in the Spring sold. I still have my favourite little sparrow so he can go to the gallery when Alan and I recover our wits and energy. More another day.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Crafts Alive at Rodmarton Manor with the Glos. Guild.

 The work went up yesterday and last night the private view was very busy.
 Just a few pictures while it was quiet. This is my work in the corner of the drawing room. Lovely piece of furniture by Graham Ikin under my pictures.
 Tents on the lawn.
 A peek from the window.
Sculptures in the garden. These deer are delightful and perhaps the best kind of deer to have in your garden i.e. ones that don't nibble your favourite flowers. Will take more pictures when I am stewarding tomorrow and Saturday.