Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Thursday, 16 July 2020

Little book of lockdown 2

 I finished the second little book, this one inspired by walks and the garden during lockdown. If you follow my Instagram account you will have seen this patches in the making.

 The hay is being cut and baled up. Always in this field there is a ridge that can't be cut and so the wild flowers are left to prosper. My next piece of work is about this ridge.

 It was thrown up during the second world war as tank defences, or so the story goes. It is always interesting to see what flowers and when.
I love Scabious and its delicate shades of mauve.

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Nature journal for June.

 My perpetual journal pages for June. Drawing regularly is such a pleasure. It takes all the concentration to do and is so peaceful. I have included a few close ups at the ene, including that bad chicken I posted about on Instagram. (Put in a separate enclosure for bullying the others)