Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Sunday, 28 June 2020

Tiny patch book finished and same sea different boat.

 Here is the first tiny lockdown book finished. I have been rather tardy keeping my blog uptodate but with lockdown it has been hard to get on our P.C. So I will have a bit of a catch up. All these tiny patches reflect my feelings during lockdown.
 Some bright and some dark. Well there has been pros and cons of course. More local walks and time in the garden but awful news of suffering and death. So many tragedies. So I have spaced the monotone with the colourful.

 covers in progress and pinned.
 This is my collagraph for Sue Browns patchwork quilt project for lockdown. you can find her blog on the bottom of my blog list. It had to be a bird from me. They have kept me company every day.

Sunday, 14 June 2020

Tiny lockdown artists books.

 I have a new project underway making little books of lockdown. I started making tiny patches some square - more abstract and some rectangular - more about landscape and local walks. So my original thought of one little book became 2 books.
 The red dotted lines is the walking line. Daily walks are so valuable in lockdown especially at first when that was all we were allowed to do.
 I have always based my artwork on what I see everyday but now more thankful than ever to live in beautiful countryside and observe the daily changes in Nature.
 Lockdown throws up so many emotions. Worry, anger, frustration, sadness and calm, quiet days. Not all bad. The peacefulness of no cars and planes has been glorious. seeing friends again I am observing more emotions from them. My life isn't that different, but other gregarious people have found it much harder.
 The little books will have 8 patches in each and maps behind some. I have ideas for the covers.
 I'm not sticking them in yet until I have them all made and the ideas all developed.

Monday, 1 June 2020

Perpetual journal for May.

 Here are my pages for May in my Perpetual Journal. All these pages had some entries from last year so it has been fun adding to them, working around them and looking at my observations for last year. This year, of course, goes down in history as a 'Very Peculiar Spring' and I have had more time to draw which has been wonderful. Missing friends, extended family and holidays has not been so much fun. Love to you all and stay safe.

That cow parsley piece finished for now, while I take a break from it and then assess later.