Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Saturday, 27 January 2018

When bees are a buzzing.....

Now for something entirely different! This week has been wet,wet, wet. The light is beginning to improve however and the first daffodils are in the shops. £1 a bunch is the such a promise of Spring to come and such a good pounds worth of joy. The snowdrops are up and the first primrose has flowered. The birds have begun to sing in the mornings when I am getting up. I am working on the final piece for the exhibition - a summer border at Newark Park. I made the small sketches on a hot day in July. You remember those? Bees a buzzing and sun hats firmly on? I have to remind my chilblains about those days to come. I am revelling in the colours. Normally I work in the season as it happens but maybe with this it will contain a longing for the warmth and colour.


  1. well it's summer here in the Land Down Under I worry about dripping sweat onto the pristine whiteness of kid glove leather as I stitch reaching for the stars

    1. oh dear these extremes are no good for stitching! Wish I could send you a little of the wind blowing here today to cool you down, but those gloves are amazing so I know you will finish them beautifully.