Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Monday, 1 October 2018

Holiday in St Ives.

 Just got back from our wonderful holiday in St Ives. Our holiday house was just a few minutes away from the harbour.
 We had rough weather for the first two days
 and then it turned sunny.
Luke, Rowan and me on the beach- Alan took the picture.

 We went to the Tate to see the Patrick Heron exhibition
 and to St Just to see Kurt Jackson's paintings.
Always lovely to spend time in Barbara Hepworth's studio and garden.
 The Cornish walls are gloriously clad in lichen and thrift.
 The sky was blue and so was the sea.
Coming in or going out, the sea is always interesting and there is always something to gaze at. Big sigh! Wonderful holiday - content to come home and see Autumn has arrived.


  1. such a beautiful mythic place!

  2. Oh the light there is wonderful, you can see why it has always attracted artists.

  3. All those wonderful arty venues and that lovely scenery. The area is so attractive! Scotland always seems to exert its opposing pull when we’re not holidaying abroad but one day we must make it down there again.