Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Monday, 11 June 2018

Birds on Mending the Sky.

 I have finished all the birds. I have chosen a selection, sea birds, waders, swifts and swallows that we see from the garden. Some are endangered. We have to keep the habitats for them all. Sea clean and air unpolluted. It is all about Mo's theme mending this beautiful broken world.
 Lapwing and avocet.
 Barnacle goose.
 The top
The bottom part. Now it is cloud stitching and backing to finish.


  1. Oh my giddy aunt, "Mending the Sky" flies with such high hope and deep heart for our beautiful broken world (((Louise)))!

  2. I guess I'm glad to see it's not just me finding it difficult to photograph a long, narrow cloth ... thank you for showing both the overall and closer views of this free-flying aviary

    1. Yes very tricky with a long thin piece!I crop the sides and that is the best I can do. At least there is a record of the whole thing.