winter into Spring

winter into Spring

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Spring sketchbook tied.

Glued, tied and tasseled! Ready for the reverse side and a box now. Meanwhile I have been reading poetry and prose on Spring. Last night I read a piece by Laurie Lee about Spring in Slad, well it is about 10 miles from here and a similar village so sounded perfect to me.
" March is the time of spring's first hot certainties, melting the winter's sleep around us, when the dawn songs of these birds, robin, blackbird and thrush, are like drops of warm oil in the dark liquid sounds that pour softly upon on our deadened senses, healing us back to life." The English Spring from Village Christmas by Laurie Lee.


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    1. Thank you i am trying to get it finished for the Stitch exhibition in the Guild at 51 in April- so I have a deadline!