Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Thursday, 14 March 2019

winter field book finished and a new piece begun.

 The winter field book is finished ( I think.)
 As it is long these two photos show the front pages
 and the back pages.
 This is the beginning of a new slow stitch piece with threads. It is a map of the enormous field from above with a further field behind. The red stitching shows the original pack horse path, still a bridleway and official footpath. There is going to be lots of stitching on this for crop lines, unofficial paths and hedges. It is 3 layers of soft fabric - grey linen and tablecloth underneath all secondhand and well washed so delicious to stitch in its softness.

Friday, 8 March 2019

Winter Field Book Covers.

 As it has been so Spring like (back to Winter now though) I thought I should push on and finish the Winter Book. Here are the covers. This one on the front is a mini version of a larger piece I sold last year that started off this whole body of work. I was experimenting with loop stitches, which I hope to continue with, and thinking about the walks around the Enormous Field. You can spot the gates into the field (top right and top left) Bottom left there is a small tunnel in the hedge that all the walkers use. A desire path i.e. not an official footpath but one that people have created (see Robert McFarlane books for these useful landscape words)
 The other side has a tiny landscape on a scrap of indigo dyed fabric. This is the Lost Hedge in the enormous field. More about that to come in the future. I am aiming for 10 pieces to go to the Quennington exhbition but will continue with this theme of documenting our nearby fields.
I made the tie with a blue scarab beetle and a glass leaf - now I have to put it altogether.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Made by Hand Cheltenham.

 Remember the puffins from Skomer? They are framed and with the little concertina book will go to Made By Hand at Cheltenham Town Hall next weekend (8-10th March.) They will be on Stand 12, the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsman. Cards are available at the Guild at 51 and the pieces will go there after the show unless they sell. If you are wondering how much? £450 for the framed picture £150 for the book with its own traveling bag and £2.50 for cards. Phone The Guild at 51 for sales- they will post things out to you but extra cost of course. 01242 245215. A huge amount of work in the picture -all hand stitched and months of work so hence the price. No-one ever puts the prices of things being so discreet, but why not? I am always curious with other peoples work. This frame cost £75 being bespoke and museum quality glass. Worth it for the glass, you can see right through to the stitching with no reflection. My tip to all new craftspeople - take huge care how you present it, spend the money to show it to its best advantage!

Friday, 1 March 2019

I am field.

 I thought this piece was finished but it wasn't until this morning. I often have words in my mind when I am working on a piece, sometimes I write them down in my sketchbook. I decided to be brave and write them around the field.
 I am field.
My heart is old.
I have been beneath the sea.
Seen countless trees come and go.
Weathered and witnessed seasons,
Turning,spinning, cycles of change.
 But I am unchanged.
Plough, seed and harvest.
I am field.

There were a few more lines in my poem but I made it join up - well like a cycle of seasons I guess. Beth said it is a fence of words around the field.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

More yellow.

Threads added to the meditation piece and celandine for the perpetual journal.

Monday, 25 February 2019


Unusual weather here for February, frost or fog first thing then bright Spring sunshine and warmth bringing out the flowers and cheering everyone's hearts. This is a little tete-a-tete daffodil but we have larger ones out in the garden and the birds are busy and singing first thing. I picked up and added some spring colours to my meditation piece but really have to push on and finish the pieces for Quenington. This is a lovely piece to pick up and add to especially if feeling a bit under the weather (strange little phrase when the weather is so good- just a passing bug making me lethargic.)

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

February embroidery- finished.

 This one is a partner for the January landscape embroidery. (link on the labels below if you want to see Jan) I started this landscape wanting to keep it light and minimal but it didn't come together until I thoroughly stitched the grasses on the bank. It is the bank at the top of our garden which is completely overgrown now and a wildlife area. There are snowdrops and daffodils on the bank and a path to the field at the top. There are a lot more trees, shrubs and brambles on it at the moment and it needs some work (all in planning stage) before it smothers all the wild flowers out. When we bought this house, forty years ago, this bank was all primroses at Easter time.
 Feb started with snow for us but now it is milder and lighter- this morning the birds were singing early! We have a few early daffodils too.