Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Thursday, 14 May 2020

cow parsley in stitch.

Well the weeks go by with much the same routine. lockdown is loosening a little but for us older people, much the same and fearing a second spike we won't be out that much where there are people about. Having our food and other stuff delivered or collecting it from outside the stores.
 Working on this piece at the moment. I seem awfully good at starting new pieces and hopeless at finishing them so want to get this one completed.
 Below is the other cover of the butterfly concertina book.

 This is me on my birthday with cake and sun hat tells you it was hot.
 Ending with a shot of dandelions from one of our daily walks.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Perpetual Journal April 2020

 Happy May Day to you all! Here are my pages from my perpetual journal (that is a nature diary you add to year on year)  for April. I have had a little more time for drawing and am making the most of my journal. It is so interesting to compare the notes from last year. At first things seemed early but now we seem to be on the same page for blossom and butterflies etc. The Guild has had to postpone the Rodmarton Exhibition to Sept 2021, not surprisingly, so no work deadlines for me for a while!

 I finished the turquoise circle in a square. It is called ' lark song spirals from the heart of the field'. It is 19cm square. I have it in mind to make a series of small pieces in the same fabric that will stay smallish and hang directly on the wall. Lastly I will leave you with one of my neighbours cattle, up close and inquisitive, Because it makes me smile every time. Hope you can find the energy and good spirits to dance around a maypole today- metaphorical or otherwise!

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

artists book - butterflies.

 So life goes on in lock down. We are allowed a daily walk for exercise and I have been looking out for wildlife as usual and working in my journal. I have decided to make a little concertina book of butterflies as I spot them. Tortoiseshell above, large white below- please forgive my shadow!

 This is abeginning- butterfly with foodplant - well you can't have one without the other so nurture those weeds and nettles! This is a 6 inch meditation square I am working on too.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Daily walks in the Cotswolds.

 In these strange times I find I am not keeping my blog uptodate so this morning early before it is needed I am doing a little entry with a few pictures from our daily walks for permitted exercise. We are lucky. We can walk out the door and into the fields and lanes.
 The weather has been glorious and the verges are sprouting with foliage and wild flowers. There are butterflies and birds to identify. The soaring song of the lark is one of my favourites.
 This is an old stone barn. Most around here have been converted into homes so one of the few left. I do hope it has some barn owls nesting inside.

 Below - a surprise to find some tulipsflowering in the lanes. These must have been planted, perhaps a memorial site. Keep safe and well everyone and love to you all who regularly follow me. I am still stitching and there are regular updates on my Instagram account. louisemaywatson. You don't have to join or have an account to look at it.

Wednesday, 1 April 2020

March Perpetual journal.

 Here are the March pages from my perpetual journal. What a strange time it has been for us all. The last picture is a collar dove, a symbol for me of peace and gentleness. Leaving you with that then. Take care all.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

pictures from the lanes.

 We are now in lockdown in the U.K. We are only allowed to leave our homes to go for food shopping or medicines. But we can go for a walk everyday and we are so lucky to be able to step outside into the countryside. Lots in blossom and the weather is gorgeous so counting our blessings.
 My 2 grown up children are working from home so this house will be busy. Alan is busy in the garden, lots of work to do there.Busy planting and tidying. Love to all, stay safe and busy. xxx

Thursday, 19 March 2020

Meditation cloth and local observations.

 Difficult to know what to say in these worrying times. I am at home with all the family. I hope you are safe and well and managing it all. I am doing a bit of work on the circles cloth- good for calming.
 We are so lucky to be able to walk everyday in the countryside and observe the spring coming in. These are tiny wild strawberries in a lane wall.
 Sunshine on lichen. Yes we had some sunny spring days (but now it is back to drizzle.) Super colour and textures.
 Lastly the greylag geese are more visible by the local lake as they nest. They like to graze the fields and fly over early morning with their wonderful honking noise.Keep well everyone. I am posting everyday on Instagram because it is quick and easy. xxx