winter into Spring

winter into Spring

Monday, 16 July 2018

Summer holiday in the Lake District.

 Just a few photos of our holiday in the Lake District. We stayed in a cottage 10 mins away from lake Windermere. The weather was perfect.
 The lakes still  and serene. This gives a flavour. It was a quiet and relaxing holiday.

The weather broke on our day traveling back home, but the locals would be rejoicing, lots of the streams were dry and no waterfalls. One little lake was completely dried out. Still no heavy rain at home. Garden very dry - luckily our son had done a good job watering the pots and greenhouse. Warmer and drier down here in the south. The lawn here is yellow, the holiday cottage was green.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

July wild flowers and new piece begun.

 Tuesday was the July wild flower walk at Westonbirt. The guides show you around and sometimes pick common flowers to look at closely and show you how to identify them. This time I collected up the picked specimens so the bunch in the jug, bought home to draw, wasn't picked by me but the experts so nothing rare! However there are different types of soils and habitats within Westonbirt so a huge variety of plants to learn about.
 Hairy bell flower, St John's wort and bush vetch here.
 I have started a new stitched piece inspired by sycamore keys scattered on our local footpath.
Tiny Y Y Ys- all over the path.( fly stitch and question marks?) Away for a holiday now, will post a few pics on instagram- also louisemaywatson.

Monday, 2 July 2018

Dappled light on the grasses by the canal- finished.

 I finished it yesterday- close up of 'grasses by the canal' 11cm x 31cm. Paint and dye on calico. Hand stitched. 3 layers of fabric.
Whole thing- but long and thin so difficult for photos. I tried to capture the bright light of summer and dappled shadows - something to work on ( next time, next time) I am pleased with it but always there is knowledge that it could be better and that is the drive that keeps me working! Hot summer days here- no rain for the garden. Meals eaten outside on the new patio under the parasol. Summer clothes.We are not used to this!

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

The Guild at 51 - summer delivery.

 It is beetle mania time at the Guild at 51, the gallery in Cheltenham where I sell my work. The exhibition is a collaboration between a jeweler, Elaine Day and a glass worker, Amanda Lawrence It is wonderful and in the window the colours glow and shine just like beetle wing phosphorescence. I took my little beetle in a box in to add to the insect theme.
Also this large framed piece that was inspired by the formal gardens at Hidcote. Just right for this time of year - we are having a heat wave.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

A new piece begun - wild grasses.

 We have been out and about at the weekend. This is Symond's Yat - Forest of Dean for a bird's eye view over the Wye valley. Peregrine falcons nest on the cliffs there and we were lucky to see the male perching in a tree. The lovely RSPB volunteers keep watch and have a telescope there so you can see any activity they spot. They still aren't sure if the pair have chicks yet. They are a new young pair of birds so only time will tell.
 While we were looking out we saw a buzzard and a red kite pass by. The wonderful thing about being up so high is that you see the birds below in all their wonderful colours, rather than staring up at their tummies, which is the usual stance.
 We had a walk along the Brecon canal with a friend and she was the one who stopped and pointed out the dappled light on these wonderful grasses. We had been trying to name all the wild flowers and grasses we knew.
 I started a new piece the next day. It is long and thin so same problem (Liz!) with photos. 11x30cm.
Close up of first stitches.
This isn't cow parsley but water dropwort hemlock- which we had to search the books and internet to find. Poisonous and only grows near water or mud. The pom-poms of white flowers and parsley shaped leaves were quite distinctive.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Grasses and hay making.

 The green lanes look at their best now - edged with cow parsley and wild flowers.

 We are lucky to have hay fields nearby to walk through. I adore them each year. This is a before shot
 and here the after ......the hay has been cut and spun out to dry. I hope he ( farmer next door) got it in before this mornings rain!
 So I collected some grasses and laid them out to identify and draw. The sycamore keys were like scattered ys on the path floor. We were shown some at Westonbirt last week which helped with identification but I don't know them all.
Sketchbook drawings. Rye grass, ?, plantain, cocksfoot, oat grass, red clover, buttercup, sorrel.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Birds on Mending the Sky.

 I have finished all the birds. I have chosen a selection, sea birds, waders, swifts and swallows that we see from the garden. Some are endangered. We have to keep the habitats for them all. Sea clean and air unpolluted. It is all about Mo's theme mending this beautiful broken world.
 Lapwing and avocet.
 Barnacle goose.
 The top
The bottom part. Now it is cloud stitching and backing to finish.