Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Friday, 20 December 2019

Falling leaves.

 I have been struggling on with this piece of falling leaves. Back and front shown here. whew too much stitching for one small piece and I should not have put so much on the background so now I am taking some out. It is a reminder to work all over a piece rather than finish one section at a time. Richard Box said on a workshop years ago - you wouldn't finish the eye on a whole body portrait and then go on to the head body, arms etc. work it all up together. So looking at this small piece I can see so much wrong with it. Better leave it for a bit I think and come back after Christmas with fresh eyes.
Dark,wet days here- to cheer myself up I have been working on my meditation circle and back to winter colours and border circles. These are lovely to do because the cloth changes under my fingers as the small circle is worked. The colours are restrained but that is lovely too. And I am getting into the corners of the large circle back to the winter colours. I have taken out stitching on this piece too- some of the heavier wool - it is better in silk and cottons. Hope to get the bottom border done and start thinking about Spring.
I hope your Christmas preparations are going well, it all gets a little crazy and I am waiting for that big hush when it all settles down and there is time and space to relax. Shortest day soon and then we turn the corner.


  1. I love falling leaves and I don't see anything discordant. I also love the veining on the leaves. You meditation piece is actually soothing to look at. Have a wonderful peace filled holiday my friend.

    1. Thank you Beth. I just need to look at it with new eyes after the break I think. Have a good time yourself over Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

  2. I have really been enjoying seeing your meditation circle piece develop and hearing about your thoughts as you work. The soft, gentle colours are beautiful and I especially like the small and medium-sized circles in the borders. The changes in scale are most effective.