Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Monday, 4 November 2019

stitched meditation.

 I began a new piece of work at the weekend - a kind of spin off or second piece to my large meditation circle. I have been trying to think of what to do in the borders of this large piece and had an idea of words that calm the mind. I decided to make a small piece just for myself. So I have been thinking of a series of words that could take me into a peaceful place. (Like at the end of yoga in corpse pose) Choosing quiet and gentle colours. Not sure if the stitching is working but hurray that stitches can be undone if I change my mind.
 I thought I would stitch a word each day and think deeply about that word throughout the day. Difficult to choose just a few words but some trigger a response more than others. I wonder what your words would be?
Yesterday morning - a walk to Cherington pond. Calm and serene with autumn colours. (also very damp and muddy!)


  1. Love the idea behind this piece. Isn't it healing to do something like this for yourself?

  2. interesting that I woke up this morning thinking of a cloth in which I might stitch words, but also names, as they come up during the making

    which is to say "yes" ... I very much like what you have done and take it as a sign

    1. That sounds really interesting - look forward to seeing your words!

  3. this stitching and landscape are so peaceful