Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Friday, 8 November 2019

meditation words finished.

 All finished and it's going on my studio wall. It helped me concentrate in yoga on Wednesday. All the words are prompts to help me relax my muscles and calm my mind. So I can't touch my toes but I can try to relax fully and find a quiet mind.
The central image is a visual unwind message. The final word a promt to let go all the tension in my face ( I really have to nag myself to relax those jaw muscles!) and then the smile appears inside and out. It is a nice format and hope to do some more pieces this shape and size.


  1. What a great piece especially to hang in your studio. My word is breath!

    1. Thanks and ah yes- breath or breathe is another good promt.

  2. Stitching words to create a fabric poem or list of thoughts and words is a delightful idea - and so simple. I felt a lovely calming progrssion as I read through it - and I smiled to myself at the end!