Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Monday, 2 July 2018

Dappled light on the grasses by the canal- finished.

 I finished it yesterday- close up of 'grasses by the canal' 11cm x 31cm. Paint and dye on calico. Hand stitched. 3 layers of fabric.
Whole thing- but long and thin so difficult for photos. I tried to capture the bright light of summer and dappled shadows - something to work on ( next time, next time) I am pleased with it but always there is knowledge that it could be better and that is the drive that keeps me working! Hot summer days here- no rain for the garden. Meals eaten outside on the new patio under the parasol. Summer clothes.We are not used to this!


  1. what a beauty, love the perspective with the delightful detail of the grasses in the foreground and the way the canal path leads the eye further in with wonder for what's around the bend

    1. It was a perfect summer afternoon, peaceful and beautiful by the canal.

  2. I love the subtlety and depth of this piece. You have captured so well the slightly hazy warmth of a hot summer's afternoon - and the vertical format (not obvious) is very clever.

    Sorry to take so long to comment - I've been rather busy with something you may have heard about! Thanks for your encouragement.