Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Friday, 1 June 2018

More birds for Mending the Sky.

 So I am thinking about mending this world  (so much to do, so little time) and the birds have to endure so much pollution, climate change, plastic waste etc. etc. The migrating birds could really tell us a story. Do they sit on their nests and moan about the weather, poor fish stocks and tummy ache from plastic beads inside them? No they just get on with life. I digress! This is a Bewick swan that migrates from tundra to our WWT Slimbridge ( and other areas)
 Then a gannet, because I love their diving. I am choosing birds that I have a connection with. I only stitch ones that I have seen, although a wandering albatross would be a good one for this project.
There will be about 10 birds in all I think. I am sprinkling some seeding stitches in the sky for supporting the fabric and adding texture to the sky. Then I will back the whole piece and stitch through all the layers and fold back the edging. See other pennants and Mo Crows project on her blog ( see my side bar)
P.S. The summer book sold straight away in Cheltenham! Always a good boost to the ego and encouragement to keep working.


  1. Wow!!! (((Louise))"Mending the Sky" holds "the muchness" as the Mad Hatter said to Alice!

    1. Good to be part of your project Mo! Making Slow progress but will get there.

  2. I can well imagine the birds' wings moving with the pennant in a gentle breeze ...