Hedgerow harvest

Hedgerow harvest

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Lichen and a new little book.

 No news from Newark Park yet about the exhibition. So getting on with work for Transformations. I am looking at textures for this set of work and these lichens have instant appeal for an embroiderer.
 Oh the colours and textures of the different liverworts, mosses and lichens.
 Some of these found at Westonbirt aboretum and some are local to me. I think it is a sign of good clean air. They don't grow in polluted air.
 I took a little twig home to draw and embroider.
 Started a new book to show at the Transformations exhibition, this time in fabfic rather than on paper. I stiffened the fabric with gesso first for a stiffer, papery quality.
 French knots, eyelets, beads and tufted stitches.
on the final page is a Bewick swan flying home. They leave Slimbridge wwt this time of year to make the journey back to the Russian tundra.


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    1. Thanks lichens are so beautiful, tiny little worlds of growth.

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    1. Thanks, such wonderful colours and textures, ideal for embroidery.