winter into Spring

winter into Spring

Friday, 12 May 2017

Spring swallow finished!

 Almost exactly a month later the Spring swallow is finished. People always ask how long a piece takes and it is hard to answer because I don't always work continually on the same piece, but I have with this one apart from a few days to make a button and some cards. Anyway you can't hurry a piece of work you have to think about how it is developing.
 I really love the soft textures of this linen on soft cotton, it has crumpled and quilted with the stitching. I had to stitch it all over otherwise the fabric ballooned up but some areas have very light stitching in the sky area.
 This is the first blossom of Spring,
This is the early daisy in the grass. Now the swallows and swifts are all back - the swifts were investigating our roof yesterday for nesting sites. I need to pin it up on my wall now, leave it and then come back with fresh eyes to see if there is anything to change or add.


  1. I always love your birds, which are so realistic. But I'm particularly impressed by the lone daisy blossom, perfectly rendered