winter into Spring

winter into Spring

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Daisy and blossom.

 Starting to work from the daisy drawings. It began with Spring but has taken its own turn- more to consider the small, common things we take for granted. There is blossom everywhere.
 plum blossom last week in the garden,
blossom in the hedgerows ( wild plum). The sunny weather has brought everything out to rejoice in the Spring. Blossom stands for hope of things to come. When we first moved into this house (1978) we were rather puzzled by the amount of kilner jars in the attic left by the old lady who lived here. Then when the plum tree fruited we understood. Now we all have freezers and I de-stone and freeze them and give them away to everyone in the lane. It is an old tree now but still producing beautiful Victoria plums. I think it might be a good year.


  1. Have just found your blog via an article in Stitch mag issue the vibrancy of your work.particularly love the goldfinch,so well caught.also the changing colours of the seasons.brilliantly observed.

    1. Thank you Carrie, hope you will look in often.