winter into Spring

winter into Spring

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Winter field.

I remember a friend telling me that some small art pieces call out to be bigger pieces. This then is the sequel to that smaller piece posted last week. With new thoughts. It is a corner of the enormous field that I walk round often in all seasons - so this is Winter field. The running stitches are my or our footsteps. The herringbone is the ragged weed edge. All wildlife lives on the edges of the field. When you walk around you can find silence. I was listening yesterday to the radio about the project- one square inch of silence - I hope it has imprinted onto the silk and felt so I will remember. Yesterday it was foggy and I put grey chiffon over the field to take down the shininess of the silk.

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  1. Louise...the herringbone stitches as footprints is an awesome idea!