winter into Spring

winter into Spring

Friday, 11 November 2016

Kay Swancutt - seams.

 I had a real treat yesterday- we went to Corsham Court to see Kay Swancutt's work for her final Phd exhibition.
 Over 200 samples of pleats and seams- all hand stitched on various fabrics in different techniques.
 The samples were pinned sequentially
 in  long lines along a corridor gallery.
Larger floor piece.
 It was breath taking.
Wall of samples at the end of the long grey corridor. I feel very lucky to have seen it and have a friend like Kay.


  1. love these. especially together.

  2. More images on her own blog- kayswancutt - also on my sidebar. They hung in lines along long grey corridors and were having their own conversations with each other. 4 years work. Very inspiring. I get to call her Dr Swancutt soon.