winter into Spring

winter into Spring

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Work in progress and why?

This week I have had to analyse my work process because I am giving a short workshop to some textile students next week. I have had to think about the techniques I use. All the pieces have a story or a memory- this one is a walk- so a footpath piece. Years ago I did a whole series of work on footpaths, so i am drawing on that experience and the techniques I discovered. Well a life time of techniques.Footpaths- symbols of journeys- real or abstract. I started this little one by unpicking some old seams from my clothes.Pulling out threads to make the hedge textures. I Dipped some felt in tea, to take off the whiteness of the felt.Then some free machining into the felt.
 Assembling the pieces together. The tree line which way round? The darker side.........
or the lighter? The feather found on the walk- made on soluble fabric- use or not? So many questions to consider. What to add what to leave out? So the work progresses slowly and eventually the questions get answered or carry over to the next piece. It is all driven by the story- a walk on a damp, dark winters day and finding a feather on the path. While I am working on this piece the next emerges.

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