winter into Spring

winter into Spring

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

SIT select showcase-Stitching in Circles

This is the first circle on my new sampler. It is preparation for my 2 hour SIT Select Showcase workshop Oct 23rd at Cheltenham Town Hall. So I am researching circular stitches. I have appliqued silk circles onto white cotton within a couched thread grid. Sampler is 20cmx20cm- each square 5cm- 4 rows by 4. This first row is based on stitches with spokes of a wheel, this one is back stitched spiders web. I was going to put seeding stitches all over the background but may leave it half like this- some more consideration needed. The beauty of hand stitching is the time for consideration. I need to do one circle every day at least if I am to finish it in time. Better get stitching.

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