winter into Spring

winter into Spring

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Barnacle geese.

 Front side and back propped in the window so the light comes through. Bank statement envelope!
At Slimbridge on Sunday we saw a flock of Barnacle geese out on the estuary- first time this year. I am using these inside out envelopes to draw on to try to free up my sketching- nothing precious about an old envelope. I find if difficult to draw from the real thing- they will keep moving!- so I am using photographs in the hope I will improve. It is difficult to draw, even in a warm hide fairly close to the birds. I always suspect someone to be looking over my shoulder- usually true! What a disappointment for them! The real work is done in the privacy of my studio. I am hoping I can get over this, relax, concentrate and not mind how it turns out. The Art of Taking Risks. Luckily I found a Henry Moore quote- Artists have to have obsessions, its what makes them artists. I had written it on a page where I was drawing ants.

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  1. What a joy your new work is, Louise. Keep those sketches and stitches flying! I am looking over your shoulder and liking what I see!